Mount Olive Area Chamber of Commerce
Newcomer’s Guide

123 N. Center Street
Phone: 919-658-3113
Fax: 866-228-3235

Julie Beck,  President:

Theresa Weeks, Administrative Assistant:

Voter Registration

  • To be eligible to register to vote, persons must be at least 18 years old, (17 ½ to register), not under conviction of a felony, mentally competent, and have been a permanent legal resident of the precinct for 30 days.
  • Voters must register at least 25 days prior to the election.
  • Voters need identification bearing their full legal name (such as a birth certificate or driver’s license) and current address to register.
  • Voters may register at the Board of Elections office or by mail. Voter registration forms may be picked up at any branch of the Wayne County Library System.

Voter Registration

Duplin, Kenansville 910-296-2170
Wayne County, Goldsboro 919-731-1411
Piggly Wiggly, Mount Olive 919-658-9628

Driver’s License

  • New residents must obtain an NC driver’s license within 60 days of establishing residency.
  • Newcomers must pass a written and eye exam. A driving test is given at the discretion of the examiner.
  • Applicants must bring their out-of-state license, proof of insurance, proof of address, and proof of social security to the rest (Military ID, Social Security Card or ITIN for proof of social security).
  • Residents moving from within NC must report change of address within 60 days.
  • Driver’s license must be renewed every 8 years for drivers between 18-53 and every 5 years for drivers 54 and older.

Driver’s License Offices

Mount Olive     919-658-3942
Goldsboro         919-731-7963

Tags and Registration

  • New residents must obtain a NC vehicle title at the same time as they register their vehicle(s) for license plates.
  • License plates for a passenger vehicle must be purchased within 30 days after establishing residency.

Vehicle Registration Offices

Mount Olive  919-658-9921
Goldsboro      919-738-00881


  • Fire, Police, Ambulance 911
  • Emergency mental health hotline
  • Environmental emergency
  • Fire non-emergency  919-580-4262
  • Poison Control        1-800-848-6946
  • Police non-emergency, Mount Olive
  • NC Center for Missing Persons

Board of Education

Wayne County, Goldsboro                                          919-736-1104
Duplin County, Kenansville                                        910-296-1521


Employment Security Commission, Goldsboro           919-731-7950

Government Offices

Calypso Town Hall                                                       919-658-9221
Faison Police Department                                           910-267-2721
Public Works Department                                            910-267-6901
Town Hall                                                                    910-267-2721
Zoning Office                                                               910-267-5901
Mount Olive Town Manager                                        919-658-9539
Mayor                                                                          919-658-5561
Taxes/Water                                                                919-658-9536
Building Inspector                                                      919-658-9538
Housing Authority                                                      919-658-6682
Public Works Authority                                               919-658-9517
Town Clerk’s Office                                                     919-658-9537
WIC Office                                                                  919-658-2680

Hospital and Medical

Mount Olive Eye Care                                                 919-820-1998
Community Health Services, Mount Olive                  919-658-5900
Vidant Health, Duplin Hospital, Kenansville              910-296-0941
Eastpointe Human Services, Kenansville                    910-296-1851
Mt. Olive Family Medicine                                          919-658-4954
Gateway Physicians Group, Kenansville                     910-296-1144
Goshen Medical, Faison                                              910-267-0421
James R. Lambert, MD, Mount Olive                           919-658-2505
Mount Olive Chiropractic Center, Mount Olive           919-658-0003
Mount Olive Pediatrics, PA                                         919-658-9123
Gateway Physicians Group, Wallace                            910-285-2330
Gateway Physicians Group, Warsaw                            910-293-7246
Eastpointe of Goldsboro                                             919-731-1133
Wayne County Health Department, Goldsboro           919-731-1000
Wayne UNC Health Care, Goldsboro                           919-736-1110


Sleep Inn & Suites, Mount Olive                               919-658-1002


Mount Olive Messenger                                             919-778-2211
Mount Olive Tribune                                                  919-658-9456

Post Office

Calypso                                                                      919-658-9394
Faison                                                                        910-267-5221
Mount Olive                                                               919-658-2474

Public Library

Steele Memorial, Mount Olive                                   919-299-8105
Emily Hill Library, Faison                                           910-267-0601
Pikeville Library, Pikeville                                          919-705-1893
Main Library, Goldsboro                                             919-735-1824


Boys Club of Mount Olive                                          919-658-9836
Gym, Faison                                                               910-267-2721
Parks and Recreation, Mount Olive                            919-658-9538
Southern Wayne Country Club                                   919-658-4269

Tax Listing

Duplin County, Kenansville                                        910-296-2110
Wayne County, Goldsboro                                          919-731-1461



Duke Energy, Goldsboro                                         1-800-452-2777
Tri-County Electric, Dudley                                        919-735-2611

Natural Gas

Piedmont Natural Gas                                            1-800-275-6264


AT&T                                                                     1-888-757-6500

Cell Service

Sprint                                                                     1-866-341-4291
T-Mobile                                                                    919-581-8158
US Cellular                                                             1-888-289-8722
Verizon                                                                      919-751-0511


Mount Olive                                                              919-658-9536
Calypso                                                                     919-658-9221
Faison                                                                       910-267-2721


Spectrum                                                                 919-502-1220


Open Broadband                                                     704-438-0155